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Monday, August 15, 2011

Stop Computer-Killing Dust in its Tracks

The attacks on your computer, such as the South African army ants. Tiny, harmless looking critters in large numbers they can cover and kill them to release a mature cow in a matter of hours.
Ok, maybe not exactly. However, three shops and shop owners produced by the experience of the devastating effects of dust in their business computers. And they are looking for answers.
It does not take much to ruin your day, especially when metallic dust meets sensitive electronic components. Power chooses to go in the shortest possible path, and the little bridges of metal dust make great shortcuts. Zap! WRRrrrrrr...

And wood dust makes a great insulating blanket. It  is good if you  in a large wooden box and freezing, but it  has lost a hard-working computer, bad news. Heat sink and fan will attempt to remove excess heat from entering your computer, but to reduce a layer of dust or to prevent heat transfer. In addition to building computer fans jam into the dust and dirt. Activities in the heat on. Computers die. Loss of data. Business suffers.
Ok, what  it  is the answer? How can you protect your computer from dust?
The actions that you want and your computer can access the equipment from dust depend on a variety of individual circumstances. Whatever your situation, I recommend a three-front defensive position and optimize for each of the following areas:

o Computer room environment
o Protective computer dust barriers
o Computer Maintenance

Let  a separate look at each of these areas.
Computer room environment
The environmental control in your computer. The ideal solution would be to get to your computer and monitors to keep a clean, air-conditioned computer room. In other words, they take out of the danger zone. Naturally want is unrealistic or undesirable to many shop owners have the computer or in the immediate work environment.

What then? Do what you can to check the dust and air pollution into the store. Operation and maintenance dust filter for wood processing machines and a ventilation system for the shop area. And if you can not move the machine from the store, they try to move around the room, away from welding, grinding or sanding dust rolling contact.
Science Dust cap Barriers
These include computer dust covers, dust filter, computer dust bags and computer cases. Each has its advantages and disadvantages, as described below. Decide which option is the best solution for you.

Standard computer covers are available from several manufacturers. Generally, plastic or vinyl, they are cheap, but effective in the sense that the dust of your computers and monitors. It can only be used while the computer is turned off. And be sure to put them on. Every day. In other words, they are almost useless in a busy work day.
Computer filters, on the other hand, can be used while the computer is turned on. Also very cheap, these little loose mesh material over the fan air intake in case of your computer to remove dust from the air. Some have experimented with the use of tights, Brillo ® Pads and other household items with some success. The biggest drawback with computer filters is their small size. They quickly hide in a dusty environment and must be cleaned frequently, or in the replace of the cool air into the display is inhibited as possible. Another disadvantage is that there are other openings in the case of unprotected machine to the fine dust to infiltrate the CD-ROM drives, floppy drives and other small openings.

Relatively new to the scene, computer dust bags are a combination computer cover and computer filters. Designed for harsh, dusty and smoky conditions are three shops and workshops, covering this innovative completely shut down the computer processor or monitor at all times that the entire surface of the bag, a large dust to dust from incoming air to be. Remove Monitor dust bags have a clear, static-front a clear picture, in order, and is very efficient in the sense of dust, chips and other debris from the cooling. Around $ 20 or less, the recommended life of the computer bag 3-12 months, depending on the level of dust in the workshop. A possible disadvantage of using a laptop bag or no access to CD  and a floppy drive. It is possible for these disks, if you have a hole in your pocket and cover with a flap that is part of the bag. You can also cut a lock of your USB ports.

Finally, computer enclosures are usually made of metal or wood, box-shaped housing that computer's processor and screen are placed to protect them from the environment. A selection of fan and filter combinations introduce fresh air into the case. Computer cabinets have the added benefit of protecting your equipment from blunt trauma, such as a falling 2x4, chemical splashes and other things harmful to your computer. The filter should be replaced periodically. The disadvantages are high cost, a larger amount of storage and maintenance of the filt.

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