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Monday, August 15, 2011

Security, Malware, And Your Computer

Defined as a threat to computer security is intentional, it is criminal in nature or the  call a computer crime. Another relative of cybercrime is cybercrime. The FBI s  of particular interest to cybercrime and the proximity of other types of crime associated with them, such as  industrial espionage, l  computer activity, l  ethics, cyber-terrorism, hacking, cracking and cyberextortion.

Hacking at the same time a positive for him, but were introduced as computer crime, falls into the bucket with the rest of  them. The hacker is a person who accesses a computer illegally profit. Sometimes, use the  excuses that  they just try to netwerk, known for the manager who break safety deficiencies.
Closely related to the context, a hacker-cracker. But l  striker n  has never been seen in a positive light. L  striker has always l  for your computer and  network access to do him harm or commit a crime to steal information stored on them. L  attacker, because the  attacker must know what  he or she advanced computer skills needed to remove these crimes.

Then there  s cyber-terrorists and cyberextortionists. The cyber terrorist has a political motive behind their actions and do damage to a system politiek d  influence of computers. Cyber terrorism requires much planning, qualified staff for the  run, and l  money to finance it. It is similar to  conventional attack of terrorism.

Cyberextortionist is the one who commits the crime  extortion by email. They hold hostage and threatened the community of confidential business data or damage the computers of  a network  company, and s  they are not certain confidential information and / or s  money. Exposed Sometimes these criminals are aware of the vulnerability they can find on your computer. It is similar to the  extortion carried out by means other than classical computers.
Then there is the employee who wants revenge for his company because of  a perceived injustice to them, or that  they want their way pockets. These people are bekend for their employees, unethical, and what makes them so dangerous that  they often know how to get into the system.

Not everyone has the necessary computer skills for a cracker or a pirate, so that d  a classification different from the  known script kiddie. This person is usually a teenager trying to computersysteem harmful, but can not do much because that  he or she does not know much. This person will try to keep the program  programs and scripts, hacks and cracks to use.

Some companies are trying to be contrary to the  ethics oneerlijk competitive advantage through illegal activities such as  industrial espionage to obtain. The same companies contrary to  ethics d  firm  hire a spy who is well versed in computers and computer technology will penetrate the target company. L  spy d  company, or even steal information or sabotage of  target computer.

It is imperative that home and business to protect your computer against these threats to their security. Methods of security are not 100% sure, but they greatly reduce the risk  computers. Once that  a solution is found to protect against a threat that someone  one is a new way  gain unauthorized access to them to be discovered. The users  computers in home networks are at greater risk of  any computers in the network data  company, stolen mainly due to the most advanced security. And  Internet is a network is still fragile and in danger when he s  acts of security. Another problem with Internet security is a central point for managing security on the  superhighway  information.

You   probably wondering now if your computer against threats of this kind. There are many ways that your system can be evaluated. Here are sites that offer services, l  access to your computer and found you informed of all security breaches while surfing the Internet or e-mail will provide. These companies often offer advice and suggestions on ways to protect against vulnerabilities. Another source in the fight against the threat of computer security is the Computer Emergency Response Team (CERT) Coordination Center, as well as suggestions.

An offshoot of the computer virus is a worm. A computer worm is similar to a virus, except that  it   be some perfectly valid executable program on your computer and a connection with this program available. When the user program, the  worm attack computer is running. The worms can consume network bandwidth when they replicate via a network  company.

And now threatens the Trojan horse that celebrates  computer got its name from the famous tale from Greek mythology. What is a Trojan horse is a program that looks like a valid program to hide, but in reality it n  not. Trojans do not reproduce like viruses and worms do.
All these different types of software such as malware, a term used to program malware   s reference used is known. Malware, as its name  suggests, causes damage to your computer. There are d  other variants of worms, viruses and Trojans, but we  again only three for this article. And you must know how the suspects were attacked by one or more of these malicious programs  s. You have to suspect, were attacked when your computer has one or more of the following:

Program Files  s you use, not suddenly as d  usual:

• Files are missing or damaged
• listen to music or sounds on your computer
• You are running out of memory for no apparent reason
• strangers in your file system
• System properties begin to change
• Pop-ups with strange messages and / or  display
You can use the  one of the following ways in which these malware  s no damage or devaluation of their  ;, pumps 
• A user runs a program infected with the virus. Therefore, anti-virus software to use a program that is so important  be verified.
• L  the user starts  computer and the virus is installed in the boot sector. It is recommended that all media files in the  stop.
• A user connects to a computer that n  is not protected against viruses on the network (such as  access to a shared drive). Then open the  user receives a virus infected file on a shared drive, and now the client-user  a computer virus.
• A user opens an e-mail that  an executable file with a virus. It  is why it is so important, no attachments to e-mail open executable because you know the  sender and the site was scanned by an antivirus.

And another big problem with the malicious code is that new means of implementation are found each day. Web Site Security try to stay on the implementation of any new malware, so users are aware. Take basic safety precautions to protect your computer, such as  installation  a good anti-virus software that is automatically updated with new malware detection logic. Never open attachments in suspicious emails. Beware of sites to visit before you (do not visit warez sites), an anti-spyware. The average of all other boot devices that you have a virus that is not stored in the boats are launched and have. Finally, information on sites for the latest security threats and what  you have to look for  accommodation

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