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Sunday, August 14, 2011

Cleaning Your Computer of Viruses!

What we learned in this series?
Part 1 - Clean your computer from viruses

Part 2 - Cleaning Your Computer of Spyware

Part 3 - Clean Registry l  computer

Part 4 - defragment your computer and Disk Cleanup

Section 5 - Useful shortcuts

All of the above should be used regularmente. A computer is like a car, change  tires, oil, replacement, regular cleaning of  in for s  ensure that the car runs well, he maintains. Safe and clean

Computer virus-free:
I think it  it is assumed that most  you have heard about computer viruses for it? For those who n , not a computer virus is a program created by programmers around the world  intent  damage your computer several ways. Viruses can infect your computer, delete important files, corrupted hard drive, or even use a computer. Virus can be deadly for your computer. We  are all the  subject  virus attacks, in fact, millions of  computers are infected with some kind of virus so now that you read this, and that  the computer can be  one of those infected.
Routes  virus infection:
• 1) - firewall n  is not active
• 2) - antivirus software
• 3) - Spam e-mail
• 4) - transfer via e-mail services
• 5) - Copy files from an infected floppy disk or CD
• 6) - file sharing network

The virus can infect a computer through one of the above. Prevention is the key to s  ensure that  no computer for such attacks.
How to protect yourself against viruses with the nearest:
1) Turn on your firewall system:
You want to make sure the firewall is enabled. Firewall Stops hackers to find vulnerabilities in your computer that gives them the door (port) on the firewall can help stop most attackers, but not all.
Allowing the firewall:
Windows: Start Panel Internet Windows Firewall Enable (recommended).

Mac users: Apple Menu ystem Preferences Sharing control panel Firewall HOME you really like the firewall is already active!
2) Scan your computer with anti-virus software:
Installing antivirus software is the key! Antivirus software will help you win  money on computer viruses. Antivirus software will also help to systeem scan large areas of already infected your computer run.

Most new computers come with antivirus software already installed, all you have to do is to  run the program.
Here are some of the best paid antivirus software:
• Symantec Norton Ani-Virus
• McAfee Virus-Ani
• BitDefender
• Kaspersky

Here are some of the best free antivirus software:
AntiVir Personal Edition Classic 6.32 •
• Active Virus Shield (AOL)
Alwil Software Avast Home Edition 4.6 •
• Grisoft AVG Free Edition 7.1

For most anti-virus software, go with a good opinion written by:
Once installed, run it and find the button that  virus definitions update said. This will help ensure that your virus definitions updated. Virus definitions have recently found the virus that has just hit the market. Up-to-date definitions is essential to find new, more powerful viruses.

After updating the settings, close all programs  is conducting a  thorough check of System. Depending on the size and speed of your computer, scan can take several hours.
Qu  you need to know:
• After the scan, restart the computer.
• Some viruses can not be intercepted when  computer is running, you can delete when you restart (which automatically).
• You can see full system scan to start at  age from 12 to midnight.
• Scan your computer at least once a week, after connecting to the Internet.
You    will probably start to see that  computer run faster, that  because the virus is already there, and did not see  computer  s memory to work consistently.
Some viruses are very resistant and can be removed with a simple scan. The (part 2  Part 3) to help find the virus more difficult to attack.

3) Do not open suspicious email attachments:
Thus, many viruses are people like you who open attachments that do not recognize. Most viruses are spread this way. Part 6 -  Tips; E-mail Anti-Spam , this mini-series focuses on fighting spam, but for those of you that n  not learn to read this article, I  have some things to talk about:
• Open  e-mail that does not recognize or do not ask!
• Do not open attachments with the  extension. Exe.
• Immediately remove all e-mails from people who do not recognize
• Do not store emails  computer, which does not recognize
• Spammers are trying to entice you to think that be a friend
• Draw attention to the person, e-mail and content of each e-mail
• You can  unsubscribe  \\; NOT click on spam, that , n  is not in the , otherwise
• Do not respond to an e-mail that does not recognize
• Do not forward an e-mail does not recognize
• Report spam to Internet service providers
This e-mail tips that I   already mentioned are part of the  a fundamental basis for the fight against spam, and make sure you don  have not accidentally evil viruses on your computer to  activate.

4) For  avoid  use Messenger ServicesAn example of what can happen:
Many viruses have penetrated million  computers through an easy to maintain this farce Someone  as a  Friends Chat  and send you a link to the virus file to  open on your computer. The problem is that you don  have no idea what kind of file to  open, because it seems that the file is directly derived from  a friend (that is infected with a virus) and see what  they are just trying to  send a photo of yourself.
Personally, no one should have an IM installed on our computers. They are very easily abused and can give a hacker in your passport.

If children use the service, make sure they know what can happen when  accept files  others. Tell them that , which is the best  send files by e-mail attachment, instead of the messenger chat script. At least this way, the  e-mail through the firewall and antivirus software before connecting the different  computer. It  s also let you know exactly who sent you the file.
Copy files 5) from d  an infected floppy disk or CD:
We  ready-made with a disc with a friend or colleague, and a computer disk file. Have you ever wondered about the disk for viruses before copying any files?

Viruses come in many shapes and sizes, they are transferred to  one computer to another. The person in the car, you may have a virus hidden in its files, and they are copied to the disc you just you. This happens all the time.
An easy way to protect against viruses, in August, so is keeping your antivirus software and  run it from your hard drive or floppy disk in the CD. It only takes a few seconds to avoid a catastrophe.
File Sharing 6) from d  a network  computers:

There you have it. Now you have a good knowledge base to protect themselves from viruses from entering your computer. Make sure the custom extra selection for any s  ensure that  they don  not accidentally open the door directly to your computer. Using software such as scripts  call, make sure that d  accept files via the chat script. Never read or  open the  e-mail, which does not recognize, and still are the  usual hard drive, hard drive attachments and check before something terrible happens.

Now, as I have some knowledge to combat the virus, go to section 2 of this series, which tells of the struggle  otherwise  attack on your computer, spyware Fatal!

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