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Saturday, August 27, 2011

When should you use Microsoft SQL Server through Microsoft Access?

Two coolest tools, which ever Microsoft to come from Microsoft SQL Server and Microsoft Access are certainly. Microsoft Access databases are become break, the imposed ban certainly over the last 2 more frequently, such as large corporations with the tool. Many of our large corporate clients and State have development in Microsoft Access for different reasons hindered the security issues, or simply the IT management can include beliefs that they do not want to support the application.
Some of the reasons why not Microsoft Access in their environments to IT departments, are quite valid. For example, are the use of access databases in high security areas such as in the educational Department to store student, Department of Defense information systems, hospitals, patient data storage all the valid reasons why the data in a MS Access database will be stored.
However, one of the most important advantages that has Microsoft Access is the possibility of a software system to create a range of services very quickly. The downside is that Microsoft Access is itself very repeals is and can easily be revoked, without any trace, with a USB stick or CD-ROM. But there are ways to back up Microsoft Access and to prevent data from being lifted.
First, we take a look at Microsoft SQL Server...
Microsoft SQL Server is the tool of choice for many corporate environments, because it is a commercial database. His leading role in the commercial world is to store data that is slightly different to Microsoft Access. MS-Access, while it's a database, is where, such as Microsoft SQL Server stores only the data in tables, and data so that the user enter data database management system that you use to create a fully interactive UI. It must have the ability to use a front-end like ms access.
Microsoft SQL Server, they may contain large amounts of data to store, the elements such as photos, video, text, numbers, and much much more. Now, while I'm sure everyone is to say, "but Microsoft Access can do so", you are right to some extent, but Microsoft Access has very defined limits. Microsoft SQL Server is to Terra bytes worth of data where, such as Microsoft Access can treat only hand around 1 gigabytes of data, without any problems.
Can you use Microsoft SQL Server and Microsoft Access together...
The answer to this question is a clear yes. In fact, is systems MS SQL Server as a data store to develop my preferred method to use and then with MS Access as a front end. Together I combine the two simply SQL tables, Microsoft Access via an ODBC connection.
This method is, what I consider, the best way to create a database system that requires a medium to high security and integrity. There are a number of GrĂ¼nden-
(1) Microsoft SQL Server is the security in the Microsoft Windows Active Directory security system integrated
2. Microsoft SQL Server can be automatically backed up
(3) It can do incremental backups which means it, can back up instead of only once at night during the day
(4) With the server using the Active Directory environment means that users only need a user name and need to login only once
5. Microsoft SQL Server databases can not easily be reproduced or copied without the SQL Server database administrator (DBA stands for database administrator)
6. It can handle terabytes worth of data, where, how Microsoft Access is questionable more than 1 gigabyte
7. Microsoft SQL Server provides several system processes on the server through stored procedures and DTS (data transformation services), how Microsoft Access client to do requires the processing
I'm pretty sure that most small business owners of this article and say: "Well not I this make" view. Now, let me tell you, you can. A software package called Microsoft Small Business Server Microsoft introduced many years ago. This package includes professional tools such as Microsoft SQL Server and Microsoft Exchange, and they price this package for around $1500 Australian. The main reason they have, was, so that small businesses the opportunity to access to professional resources on an effective and cost efficient price rather than at a disadvantage.
You can buy server in Australia with Microsoft Small Business Server for about $3000 and 4000 dollars, which is far more than that, a few years ago what was competitive. It also means that by you can Microsoft SQL Server available, the systems that they develop as professional as these organizations you can have multi million dollar budget.
The time for the use of ms access alone is really dependent on whether you need your data be mobile. If you do, and the security of the data is not important, is suitable then using Microsoft Access as a data store. For example the other day, a company that puts together mining information on contacts, wanted to distribute their information in a database format for people that want to in the industry know who. In this case, she developed their data in an Access database and distributed it to those who were willing to buy it in this format. Security in her case was not a problem because the customer for this have been paid, so it was installed, the system in a different format, that can use Microsoft SQL Server, rather than to develop Microsoft Access.
If, for example, the data that you store is indeed sensitive or is mission critical but be mobile. For example, you may need the data for a financial planner or loans mortgage broker, then should be stored in this case your data in MSDE. MSDE is in fact a reduction in the version of Microsoft SQL Server, and by design, it is far more secure than Microsoft Access plus it much is more difficult to copy the data.
The bottom line is, if your data is important for your business then principle data store should not MS Access, you should a system to develop, where is stored your data in Microsoft SQL Server and then with MS Access as a front end to edit the data. You should incorporate your SQL Server logins that with your Active Directory security system. If you use this technique, your data will be far more secure than if it only stored in Microsoft Access.

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