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Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Virus Protection For Your Computer In Simple English

Computers can contain viruses, like us. When your computer gets sick, have an antivirus program such as medicine. If it  strong and fit, have antivirus software as an extra defense against a virus attack.
Computer viruses can spread like a human virus. It spreads via e-mail to your friend with virus-infected files, or copy their friends in a file infected by the virus.
When your computer gets a virus, or one of the following syndromes.

- The computer will not start. Massage error during startup.
- The application does not work.
- Disk or USB devices can not read.
- The printer will not print.
- Drop-down menu  s is the same as before.
- The station serves a sudden for no reason.
- Error messages appear rare.
- Computer slow or freezing.
- Problems with your computer.
- Lost files!
- Corrupted files and can not be read.

In the files on your computer, observed:
- Change the file size for no reason.
- Change of date does not coincide with the date of last use.
- An increase in the number of cases, when no one anything.
In order to prevent one of these catastrophic events occur with your computer. It is important to protect your computer.

Antivirus software can be the answer to most problems.
Why am I anti-virus may be the answer to most of these questions?
Because some of the problems mentioned above can not be caused by a virus.

Some may be caused :

- Software loaded on your computer without your knowledge. The purpose of this software is to monitor the activities of the computer or even to get some information from your computer without you knowing it! This type of software known as spyware. (You can use anti-spyware software here.)
- Computer hard disk is almost no space. This slows down your computer.
- Too many programs   e are running on your computer. Backend   loaded on your computer every time you start your computer. If your computer has NOK memory for all these programs  e-process, which will make your computer slower.
- Your computer can run a program that is not known. Some programs  s is loaded when the computer when installed. The manufacturer believes it is important that the software that runs at regular intervals. Example of this software are: Windows Update, antivirus software (It is important to keep antivirus software updated.) Backup Program, etc.
- Too many programs   s running on the same computer.

But  is still very important to have an updated anti-virus software and uploaded to your computer.
However, there is no antivirus software helps you remove or delete any viruses. It is therefore important to prevent viruses that attack your computer. Therefore, anti-virus software and the first program to load on your computer. You need to update your antivirus software right after you have installed on your computer.
It is very important to regularly update your antivirus program. New viruses are discovered often do not update your anti-virus software will create new viruses to your computer easier to attack.

And if you  already using the computer with all the relevant information is loaded and has an antivirus program on your computer?
So you can not, and an anti-virus software must be loaded, updated and scanned immediately.
Following anti-virus software is updated, restart the computer. Start to scan the computer before the program. If no virus is detected,  happiness again. In that case, choose a solution that antivirus software is recommended.

And if, after the computer is scanned and the virus has been found. And he has chosen the solution that anti-virus software I recommend, but the software says you can not clean. You can delete or quarantine. Then you have a problem. If you are absolutely sure that you and your computer does not need the file, delete or quarantine. If the file is critical to his team, which has a file that is not infected by the virus to replace the infected file, if you can find. If   is your file, you can do the same.

Also need to restart your computer and run anti-virus software to verify that your computer is virus-free. If you are infected with viruses or even many of the viruses can not be cleaned, a total reconstruction of the software on your computer. To back up your computer regularly, you can restore the last backup. Since the last backup is virus free. This means that the virus scan again to make your computer after you restore your computer from the backup files.
You do not have two antivirus programs. However, it is good to have at least two antivirus programs on your computer. It will continuously monitor your computer from viruses and other activities to scan your computer for viruses at the time you want.
You must have at least one antivirus program installed on your computer slows down after two antivirus programs installed.

It is more important.
You should update your antivirus software regularly, and regularly. It is a good recommendation for antivirus software company to follow.

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